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To share the stories of the people who keep the spirit of the West alive through art.

Our goal is to showcase the lives and works of artists specializing in a variety of styles and mediums with subject matter that evokes an appreciation of the history, natural beauty, and freedom of the historical and contemporary American West, and to keep collectors and enthusiasts up-to-date on the Western art scene in an engaging way.

About Art of the West

Art of the West is a bimonthly Western art publication for fine art collectors and enthusiasts. From seasoned to up-and-coming artists, the subject matter covers the old West, the working cowboy of today, Native Americans throughout history, landscapes and seascapes, wildlife, and much more.

Art of the West’s legacy started in 1987, when Allan Duerr and Tom Tierney started the publication with the November/December issue. In their inaugural “Straight Talk” column, they stated:

“Art of the West will focus on the personalities of the artists as much as on their art. Visuals can go a long way in establishing the talent of an artist, but people who collect art want and need some emotional tie to the artist who created the work. Another strong objective for us is to highlight up-and-coming artists. We are interested in uncovering talent that’s deserving of your attention, and maybe together we can discover and follow some rising stars.”

For over 30 years, Art of the West has remained true to its original mission of showcasing the artists behind the art to gain a deeper appreciation for what they do. In the fall of 2019, Allan and Tom retired. Andrew Krane, who had worked in the insurance industry for over 25 years, decided he wanted to do something different and more creative. He bought the business, keeping the founders highly involved in the transition to upkeep the quality and values of the publication.

Moving forward, the new staff has the same vision and goals that Allan and Tom started the publication with. Our emphasis is not only on the art, but also on the amazing people who create it. We feature the artists we deem worthy of featuring without prejudice or expectation. These are the people that keep the art of the West alive.

Oil painting of a older man keeping watch while smoking a cigar at night by Alfredo Rodriguez

Meet The Team

Andy Krane, President & Publisher

Andy retired from his prior career after 32 years. His desire to stay active, create something meaningful and improve the lives of others led him to the magazine publishing industry.

Jenny Lang, Creative & Production Director

Jenny received degrees in both Magazine Media and English at Drake University and has worked for publications such as Midwest Living and BHG.com, the website for Better Homes & Gardens. She also has a background in website design and social media.

Lisa Staudohar, Sales and Business Development Director

Lisa comes to us with a variety of experience in several industries and a strong sales background. She is responsible for building and maintaining relationships with our customers and partners while growing the Art of the West brand.

Vicki Stavig, Editor

Vicki has been the editor for Art of the West for many years. She manages the relationships with our very skilled writers, and takes on a column and an article in each issue as well. She graciously agreed to assist through the transition of the magazine.

William Krane, Marketing and Branding Director

William has degrees in both Marketing and Graphic Design from Drake University. He has a experience in a variety of industries with passion for small business development.In his role, he supports the marketing needs of Art of the West to further its reach and growth.

Amy Krane, Associate Publisher and Administrative Coordinator

Amy acts as a liaison and coordinator for the different departments at Art of the West. She ensures that we move as a team towards producing a high quality, industry standard publication.

Elisabeth Burza, Contributing Editor

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The Guidebook of Art by Art of the West is a unique, friendly one stop oasis for all who are participating in today’s world of art! It is designed and written to meet the needs of today’s collector. Get information about the current year’s art shows and auctions, and explore museums you can visit year-round to get your fill of Western art. Each guidebook includes a comprehensive calendar for the year, as well as an editorial index of all the artists featured in Art of the West over our 30+ years of publishing.

Each year, The Guidebook of Art comes out with the January/February issue of Art of the West as a part of your subscription package.

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