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The Studio of Blair Buswell

Utah sculptor Blair Buswell’s initial response to having his studio immortalized within the pages of a magazine was, “It’s just a warehouse.” But warehouses, as utilitarian and functional as they are, just store stuff. This warehouse look-alike has far more grandiose aspirations. To the uninitiated observer, from the outside the wonders that reside within are not apparent. But, it’s a different story once you take a look inside. Over the years, Buswell has had six or seven studios, ranging from extra bedrooms to office buildings, historic homes, and even the downstairs of a dentist’s office. With every move, the best
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Challenges Met

Blair Buswell How Many More Bronze 19 1/2″ High Veryl Goodnight A New Beginning Bronze 14″ High James Muir The Dance Bronze 7′ High Scott Rogers Stampede Bronze 28″ High Dennis Smith Small Wonder Bronze 18″ High Shirley Thomson Smith Femeninas Bronze 45″ Height
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