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Untold Stories

If you look for dogs in most traditional Western art, you tend to find them in the lower left-hand quadrant. They’re sitting at the feet of a cowboy in front of a roaring campfire, or they’re poised just out of kicking range of a horse at the center of the canvas. Their eyes tend to be looking at the focal point of the painting—a human being, a larger animal, an important event they’re witnessing. Their eyes tell the viewer where to look. They’re serving in their traditional role as man’s best friend. Man remains at the center. Not so with
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Challenges Met

Blair Buswell How Many More Bronze 19 1/2″ High Veryl Goodnight A New Beginning Bronze 14″ High James Muir The Dance Bronze 7′ High Scott Rogers Stampede Bronze 28″ High Dennis Smith Small Wonder Bronze 18″ High Shirley Thomson Smith Femeninas Bronze 45″ Height
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