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A New Chapter

TD Kelsey wants to be a painter. He’s been sculpting for more than 40 years, and his award-winning works are in the permanent collections of museums that include the C.M. Russell Museum and the National Museum of Wildlife Art. He has monuments placed at the Saint Louis Zoo and the historic Stock Yards in San Antonio, Texas, among dozens of other locations. Kelsey loves sculpting. It’s a medium that has allowed him to capture the essence of the animals he loves so much, especially horses. It has helped him to create a career, make lifelong friendships, and travel the world.
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T.D. Kelsey would readily agree that he is living a life that many would envy. An award-winning sculptor, he divides his time between Texas and Wyoming. A former commercial pilot, he can jump into the cockpit of one of his planes and take to the skies whenever the mood hits, or saddle up one of his horses and go for a ride. It is a life that suits the talented artist—and suits him well. T.D.Kelsey (Texas) Pick Pocket Bronze 17″ By 21″ “While cheeking this bronc around to get on, this cowboy almost gets his chaps removed.” This sculpture was
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