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The Power of Two

When we find someone with whom to share our lives, we are fortunate. When artists do so, they are especially blessed. At least that’s the case with the four artist couples we interviewed for this article. For most of us, we were attracted to our spouses, or significant others, for a variety of reasons: their physical appearance—which might simply be a great smile—their sincerity, sense of humor, intelligence, talent, or kindness. For the artists we talked with, there are other, equally important attributes, including respect for each other’s work and a shared passion for art. Couples Featured: – Sherrie McGraw
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Counting Her Many Blessings

If you were a mouse in the corner of Sherrie McGraw’s studio, you would be amazed at two things: her skill, as she transforms a blank canvas into a magnificent painting—and her pirouettes, as she goes to the kitchen to make lunch. While her paintings have earned her high honors, she admits that her pirouettes still need work. At the center of her life, however, are McGraw’s love of art and her love for fellow artist and long-time partner David Leffel. A native Oklahoman, McGraw studied for a time at Central University in Edmond, Oklahoma, then studied for three years
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The Language of Painting

Sherrie McGraw is in the midst of preparing for what she says will be the highlight of her career. The Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio, will host a solo show for the talented artist September 14, 2014. The event will showcase 50 to 60 of McGraw’s paintings and drawings—including approximately 35 new pieces—and by April of this year, she already was hard at work creating new pieces for the show. Two days after our visit, McGraw was heading out to teach a workshop, then was to teach a portrait drawing class and judge the portrait competition for
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