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The Studio of Ed Mell

For more than four decades, Arizona-based painter, Ed Mell, has charmed the public with his vibrant images of the Sonoran Desert and the Colorado Plateau. The beauty and veracity of his paintings give testimony to his love of his native surroundings. Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Mell grew up in what was then just a small desert oasis, leaving when he enrolled in the Art Center School of Design in Los Angeles, California. After completing his courses in 1967, he accepted a position with a large advertising firm in New York City. A year later, he and a friend started their
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Nature’s Impact

A paintbrush or lump of clay in the hands of Arizona artist Ed Mell becomes transcendent. What his eyes see often becomes transformed at his hand. Puffy clouds, muted purple mountains framed by a peach halo, as the sun slips behind them, become infused with vibrant, electric energy. Forms and colors take on dazzling, brilliant hues and shades. Edges—exact and angular—are honed to razor sharpness. Colors pop. Small plants become omnipresent with captivating clarity, while their surroundings recede. Ed Mell Vast Expanse Oil 30″ x 60″ “I was trying to convey the power and overall glow of sunset on the
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