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The Power of Two

When we find someone with whom to share our lives, we are fortunate. When artists do so, they are especially blessed. At least that’s the case with the four artist couples we interviewed for this article. For most of us, we were attracted to our spouses, or significant others, for a variety of reasons: their physical appearance—which might simply be a great smile—their sincerity, sense of humor, intelligence, talent, or kindness. For the artists we talked with, there are other, equally important attributes, including respect for each other’s work and a shared passion for art. Couples Featured: – Sherrie McGraw
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I Have Enjoyed Every Minute

John Moyers says he is a lucky man. As a young boy, he was surrounded by art and art supplies, thanks to his father, award-winning artist William Moyers. As a teenager, he was mentored by distinguished painter, Robert Lougheed. And, as an adult he met and married his soul mate and fellow artist, Terri Kelly, and the two have happily traveled the world, painting as they go. He is modest about his accomplishments, grateful for the opportunity to spend his life doing what he loves, and excited about the future. John Moyers Return From Blue Lake Oil 30˝ by 48˝
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