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Journeys Into History

Until a functioning time machine is invented, the next-best way to travel backward into history just might be to take a long, careful look at one of Heide Presse’s richly detailed figurative oil paintings. In doing so, you’ll find yourself somewhere between 1840 and 1860. Zoom in anywhere—the model’s hairstyle, the appliqué pattern on the quilt draped over a chair, the intricate construction of the bonnet, the hem of the petticoat peeking out from beneath the calico skirt—and you’ll see the result of Presse’s meticulous attention to detail. Presse is a gifted painter, but she is also a keen student
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Opening Windows

Born in Heidelberg, Germany, in 1958, and raised in Monroe, Louisiana, Heide Presse is one of a long list of renowned artists, who first honed their talents in the field of commercial art. Heide Presse (Florida) Transition Oil 12″ By 9″ This painting features a mid-19th century teen, still young enough to wear the low neckline common for children’s garments, but transitioning into a young lady with her hair up and wearing one of her mother’s shawls. This is one of my antique paisley shawls, which were very popular in this era. Heide Presse (Florida) The Sound Of Wings Oil
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