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Scottsdale Artists’ School: 40 Years of Artist Education

Every great artist has to start somewhere. Pursuing a career in art can be challenging, and many of the artists we interview for Art of the West credit a particular workshop or instructor as being the launch pad to where they are today. Where better to gain these experiences than an art school? As Scottsdale Artists’ School (SAS) in Scottsdale, Arizona, celebrates its 40th anniversary, we want to recognize the opportunities it provides for aspiring artists. The school was established in 1983 and provides art education opportunities for adults, teens, and children. All instructors are professional working artists, and many
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Winter Wonderland

Something magical, almost mystical occurs with a snowfall. It brings with it great joy, which is readily apparent when you watch a young child seeing snow for the first time, or attempting to swallow the flakes as they fall. They also seem compelled to lay down in it, swinging their arms and legs to and fro as they create snow angels. Snow evokes a myriad of emotions. It can carry with it a sense of peace and wellbeing that for some involves sitting inside by a fire and watching the snow gently falling outside. On the other hand, it can
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Impressionistic Naturalism

Matt Smith has been selling his paintings since the early ‘80s, when he was just 17, but when asked when he realized that he really was an artist, he laughs and says, “I don’t know that I am yet. I know I’m a painter, but I don’t know if I’ve graduated to really being an artist. I’m continually trying to improve and take it to the next level.” Smith’s paintings have earned him inclusion in several prestigious art shows, including the Prix de West and Masters of the American West, and are eagerly sought after by art enthusiasts from around
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