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Still Going Strong

Artists will tell you that creating art is a career—but it’s not a job. Why is that? They see creating art as a calling that is so intense it cannot be ignored no matter the risk. And there is indeed risk, financial as well as personal. They put their work out into the world, where everyone who sees it will judge it. If it’s deemed worthy, it will sell. If not, it’s on to the next painting or sculpture, determined to do better. The four artists we feature on the following pages have a combined age of 344 years and
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Tributes in Wood

“I love seeing something beautiful, emotional, and spiritual emerge from something so earthy and natural.” So says Bob Boomer, who has been carving magical figures from wood for some five decades now, earning high praise and amassing an impressive roster of collectors, along the way. While at one time he was carving up to 50 pieces each year, he has slowed down somewhat, cutting that number to 20. Each of those carvings is a wondrous work so beautifully crafted that it almost begs to be touched, caressed. The detail, the textures, the lines and colors of the wood are mesmerizing—and
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Three-Dimensional Delights

I made my first—and, as I recall, my last—attempts at sculpting when I was in elementary school. Those “works of art” consisted of an ashtray—why, I don’t know; neither of my parents smoked—and an elephant with several holes on its back, strategically placed to hold pencils. I quickly learned that art was not my calling and turned to other endeavors. Fortunately for us, the five artists we feature here did not give up so easily. Of course, they had the talent—and the fortitude—to pursue their dreams of becoming artists and, in the process, have brought immeasurable joy to countless art
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