Beautiful Blendings

Categories: 2021 November-December Issue, Bronze, Moore, James G., Sculpture, and Wildlife.

Acclaimed sculptor James G. Moore—Jim to friends, family, and a growing population of enthusiastic collectors—is leading a very good life, enjoying a mix of work and play that any creative person would envy. “My great joy is to be on the water,” he says. “I kayak; about twice a week I’m on some kind of boat.”

On the days Moore isn’t paddling one of two nearby rivers (both the Wenatchee and the Columbia flow an easy drive from his home), he’s apt to be in one of his two studios. “My metal shop is where I make all the racket,” he says with a laugh. “And then we have the quiet studio with my clay stuff and, on the other side, my wife’s drawing and painting supplies. So that’s definitely one of the great pleasures of life right now—getting to be out in the studio with my wife.”

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Communion Song

16” by 16” by 5”

“Cedar waxwings do this little ceremony where they sit in a row on a branch and pass a berry between them. No one is sure why they do this but it reminded me of the communion ceremony I do at church, which is designed to remind us of who and how we are together. Maybe it’s the same for them.”


21” by 7” by 8”

“One of my best selling pieces was a pygmy owl piece titled Nocturn. This piece is another variation on a pygmy owl. The branch is a great twist out of the old wisteria vine on my back patio. While common in our area, I have yet to see a pygmy owl in the wild.”