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Preserving the Art of Copperplate Engraving

“My passion lies in documenting the beauty of my subject matter, which is primarily threatened and endangered species of wildlife and the culture of the American West,” says Don Whittecar. “My medium, copperplate engraving, is also disappearing. While most people are aware of conservation efforts for wildlife and their habitats, few are aware of the need to preserve vanishing art forms.” Engraved copperplate image printing is almost an extinct art form, and Whittecar is one of few artists in the world who practice it. Printmaking is a broad term referring to many different processes that include lithography and monotype. A
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Patience and Precision

Randal M. Dutra has enjoyed a varied career in art for more than 46 years. He began his studies in 1975, working from life at a Canadian game farm, and in 1977 he enrolled at the Art Students League in New York. During his early art career, he also learned from several respected mentors, including Clarence Tillenius, Robert Lougheed, and George Carlson. In 1981, Dutra became involved in cinematic visual effects. During his 25 years in the movie business, while concurrently producing fine art, he worked with Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and Disney on several films, two of which earned
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