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Women Artists: Meeting the Challenge

It’s no secret that women artists often have a more difficult time than their male counterparts in not only succeeding in their careers, but in the prices paid for their work and in the collectability of that work by museums. It’s a topic that has been quietly discussed for many years, but now is gaining awareness, due in part to members of American Women Artists (AWA), who were shocked when they realized that women artists represent only 3 to 5 percent of artwork in museum collections. As a result, the group has launched 25 in 25, a campaign to have
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Creating New Challenges

Carrie Ballantyne once told a young cowgirl that she didn’t think she was much of a storyteller. Her paintings—portraits of western men, women and children, often focused mostly on their faces—were too limited, she said, to tell stories. “This young cowgirl looked so surprised,” Ballantyne remembers. “She stopped me and said that she saw a story in every face I portrayed.” That revelation changed everything for Ballantyne. Carrie Ballantyne (Wyoming) Wyoming Flower Child Oil 18″x14″ “I have been lucky, through the years, to be able to work with my family and close friends. It makes my job more pleasurable, when
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If There’s No Passion, There’s No Power

Carrie Ballantyne the woman is best described as a free spirit. Carrie Ballantyne the artist is best described as incredibly talented. Carrie Ballantyne (Wyoming) Bronc Rider – Circa 1980 Oil 24″ By 14.5″ This particular rodeo cowboy from the 1980s had a ranching background. His style and attitude made painting his portrait a must. But more than his personality, it was a mood I was after in this painting. Carrie Ballantyne (Wyoming) Buckaroo GQ Oil 20″ By 13″ The Great Plains buckaroos have always had a stylish flair in their particular attire and gear.
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