If There’s No Passion, There’s No Power

Carrie Ballantyne the woman is best described as a free spirit. Carrie Ballantyne the artist is best described as incredibly talented. Carrie Ballantyne (Wyoming) Bronc Rider – Circa 1980 Oil 24″ By 14.5″ This particular rodeo cowboy from the 1980s had a ranching background. His style and attitude made painting

For the Love of the Land

Veracity and clarity are the hallmarks of any Wayne Wolfe painting. Those qualities are especially apparent in his magnificent landscapes. The Coloradobased artist freely admits to being an emotional painter. “I love nature, beautiful things, and the effects of light,” he says. Indeed, it is doing justice to nature that

The Magical Human Form

Bryce Cameron Liston will be the first to tell you, unabashedly, that he is a self-taught artist. He\’Wll also tell you that the distinction has disadvantages and advantages. Bryce Cameron Liston (Utah) …And Everything Nice Oil 24″ By 16″ This piece is the first in a series of paintings I’ve

Harvesting the Truth

For years, the mesas and pink cliffs near Zion National Park were Ron Rencher’s playground, as his family ranched in Utah’s Grass Valley country. Summers were spent in the pasturelands, riding the high country and, as winter drew near, the family moved down to the warmer region of St. George,

It’s Still Glowing

“I’ve got to keep the light going.” So says Joni Falk about the importance of light in her paintings. Whether it\’s the glow of light on one of her beautifully composed still lifes, or streaming down on one of her magnificent landscapes, Falk pays particular attention to its effect on

The Romance Lives On

Howard Rogers is a romantic. From his soft and sultry paintings of beautiful women to his depictions of rugged, hard-working cowboys and the horses they ride, he admits that romance is at the heart of his work. Howard Rogers (Arizona) Spring In The Gros Ventres Oil 24″ By 30″ July