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Unique Expressions

Summers are hot in Texas—and this past summer was one of the worst that Nancy Bush can remember. She was born and raised in the Lone Star State and has lived there almost all of her adult life, so for the most part she’s used to the heat. But this summer, she says, was harder than usual. “It was a brutal summer this year—warmer than past summers,” she says. “But hot is hot, and that’s what we have down here now. Of course, most everyone has air conditioning here, or there would for sure be a massive migration to the
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It’s About the Light

Nancy Bush noticed something recently, when she was looking at her website. Scrolling back to look at some of the older paintings shown there, she realized a difference between then and now. “I could see a progression,” Bush says. “I could tell that I am expressing myself in a more advanced way now than I was then. There’s a softening of my technical side, and more of my internal thoughts and feelings are coming through.” It’s been 30 years since Bush gave up her corporate job and launched a career as an artist.. She’s grown from a fledgling artist studying
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