It’s About the Light

Nancy Bush noticed something recently, when she was looking at her website. Scrolling back to look at some of the older paintings shown there, she realized a difference between then and now. “I could see a progression,” Bush says. “I could tell that I am expressing myself in a more

A Penchant For the Past

Known for evocative historical paintings that depict the lives of the Eastern Woodland Indians and non-native settlers, who lived in the region surrounding his home in Western Pennsylvania during the 18th century, John Buxton, like several successful fine artists, began his career as a commercial illustrator. Determined to pursue his

I’m Never Bored

A drive to yoga class about 10 years ago provided an aha moment for Teresa Elliott. As she drove by a pasture of longhorns, she was so taken by what she saw that she returned the next day and took photographs of them. “There was a bull there,” she says.

Personal Inspiration

Robert Peters is talking to me on the phone, but he’d rather be painting. As a successful Western landscape artist with a 30-plus-year track record, he understands the necessity of the peripheral aspects of the artistic life: the marketing hustle, the gallery shows, the website design, the research, the magazine

Eiteljorg Museum Receives Multimillion-Dollar Art Collection

Imagine, if you will, that you receive a phone call from someone telling you that you soon will be receiving a gift. When that gift arrives, you open it and find inside millions of dollars worth of artwork—paintings by the likes of Frederic Remington, Charles Russell, N. C. Wyeth, and

The Studio of Lori Putnam

An affinity for Italy led Lori Putnam and her husband Mark to sell everything they owned in 2008, pull up stakes, and move there for eight months, where Putnam spent the time absorbing the countryside and translating that experience into her art. When they returned to the United States early