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A Universal Language

Utah artist Robert Duncan’s motto could be this: Explore the depth of your surroundings to mine the beauty at hand. Meanwhile, his catalyst seems to be Andrew Wyeth’s artistic philosophy. “[Wyeth] never wanted to travel much, he just wanted to dig deeper into the things close around him,” Duncan says. “He’d talk about how just a footprint in the snow, as he walked across a field, would trigger a feeling that he could dig into for days and weeks. I think that digging deeper into the things we care most about, and to appreciate the things that we pass by,
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Sharing the Love

Art is to be appreciated. While a photograph might capture a moment in time or a memorable scene, a painting or sculpture created at the hand of an accomplished artist evokes ongoing conversation—a conversation that changes with each viewer or emotion. Robert Duncan The Chicken Wranglers Oil 22″ x 28″ “The chicken wranglers are my grandchildren, who have these chickens they have raised to be like members of the family. They often carry them around, and the birds are right in the middle of any family activity in the yard. I had to paint them!” Robert Duncan Home For the
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