Mother Nature’s Majesty

California artist Nancy Davidson says she can describe what inspires her in just one word: light. “It can transform even the most mundane scene into something magical and evocative,” she says. “The potential for beauty is all around us; we just need to recognize it, when it appears.” A self-described

Mother Nature’s Majesty

Colorado artist Jean Perry made her initial entry into fine art with abstract “nonobjective art,” she says, “but there was always a part of me that felt I was missing something by not pursuing traditional art.” Her focus began to change while taking a weeklong workshop conducted by Mel Fillerup,

The Studio of Paula Holtzclaw

Five days a week, Paula Holtzclaw takes a seat at her easel and paints on location. Her setting is an idyllic one in the North Carolina countryside, about 20 miles south of Charlotte, a place of lush gardens and slow-moving clouds, and verdant farmland. She paints there at all times

Mother Nature’s Majesty

“There is so much in the wilderness that is relative to life. It’s hard, messy, and wondrous, but strangely there is a perfect order to it all. Whether I am on the middle of a lake, floating down the river, climbing a mountain, or simply sitting on my front porch,

Mother Nature’s Majesty

W. Jason Situ was born in Kaiping, China, where he was faced with the changes and challenges brought about by the country’s cultural revolution under Mao Tse Tung. His interest in art took hold, as he copied propaganda and slogan banners, before connecting with Szeto Lapa, who introduced him to

‘I’m On a Quest of Discovery’

If it weren’t for a musician cancelling a two-month recording session 17 years ago, today we more than likely would not be enjoying the wonderful paintings Michael Blessing creates at his studio in Bozeman, Montana. Faced with eight empty weeks on his calendar, Blessing, who at the time owned and

A Universal Language

Utah artist Robert Duncan’s motto could be this: Explore the depth of your surroundings to mine the beauty at hand. Meanwhile, his catalyst seems to be Andrew Wyeth’s artistic philosophy. “[Wyeth] never wanted to travel much, he just wanted to dig deeper into the things close around him,” Duncan says.

Living By the Brush

Arizona-based artist Gregory Stewart Hull is a highly regarded devotee of contemporary realism. His versatility is vividly apparent in a wide range of luminous compositions that underscore his ability to use his mastery of capturing light to its fullest potential. A Renaissance man by nature, Hull has been blessed with

‘I’ll Never Retire; I’ll Always Paint’

For most of the past decade, C. Michael Dudash has been ramping up his annual schedule of shows. In the coming year, he’ll participate in at least half a dozen major art events, from Quest for the West at the Eiteljorg Museum in Indianapolis, Indiana, to the Prix de West