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The Studio of Glen and Barbara Edwards

The couple’s main home is in Smithfield, Utah. They purchased it in December 1987 to be close to Utah State University in Logan, Utah, where Glen was a professor of art. Both artists love nature, especially trees, so when they discovered a property surrounded by trees of all kinds—poplar, blue spruce, maple, juniper, Austrian pine—they knew they were home. Forty years ago, Western artists Glen and Barbara Edwards decided that their summer home in Star Valley, Wyoming, lacked a fundamental tool of their trade: a studio. So, along with Glen’s brother, a chain saw, and a book on carpentry, they
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‘Let’s Just Paint’

When she was a senior in high school, Barbara Edwards met a recruiter from Utah State University, who had brought with him original artworks created by several of the professors there. Included was what Barbara describes as a “gorgeous painting by Glen Edwards.” Today, whenever she wants to view one of his paintings, all Barbara has to do is turn her head. She and Glen have been married for 37 years now and happily paint in the same studio at their home north of Salt Lake City, Utah. “We paint side by side,” she says. “Our easels are about five
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