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The Studio of John Fawcett

In late May, after a four-day drive from their home near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, John and Elizabeth Fawcett happily drove through the gates to their home in Clark, Colorado. It’s an annual event that includes pulling a large horse trailer occupied by the couple’s two horses and all of Fawcett’s paint supplies. “We looked like the Beverly Hillbillies,” he says with a laugh. Located on a 52-acre ranch the Fawcetts named Double LL—which Fawcett says stands for Lucky (me) and Lizzie (Elizabeth)—the property is 25 miles north of Steamboat Springs. Willow Creek runs through the ranch and attracts deer and elk,
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Relationships Are Key

After running a successful veterinary practice in Pennsylvania for 20 years, John Fawcett decided to cash it in and forge a new career as a fine artist. It was not a decision he made lightly, however. After all, his first love has always been animals (he bought his first horse at age 10), and leaving his practice behind hadn’t even been a consideration, until he and his wife Elizabeth happened on a Western art show in Arizona. John Fawcett Savvy Watercolor 23″ x 14″ “During gatherings and brandings, it is essential for cowboys to have a good horse that knows
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