Relationships Are Key

Categories: 2014 September-October Issue, Fawcett, John, Genre, Oil, Portrait, and Watercolor.

After running a successful veterinary practice in Pennsylvania for 20 years, John Fawcett decided to cash it in and forge a new career as a fine artist. It was not a decision he made lightly, however. After all, his first love has always been animals (he bought his first horse at age 10), and leaving his practice behind hadn’t even been a consideration, until he and his wife Elizabeth happened on a Western art show in Arizona.

John Fawcett

23″ x 14″
“During gatherings and brandings, it is essential for cowboys to have a good horse that knows its job and what is expected of him. Unity and harmony between the rider and horse, with subtle gestures and movements, play an important role in the communication between the partners.”

John Fawcett

The Chief’s Flag
36″ x 48″
“Beginning in 1804, the U. S. Government made special ‘chief’s flags’ to hand out as gifts to prominent Indian chiefs. Lewis and Clark carried them on their expedition, and there were many left over to give as gifts throughout the 19th century, as seen here. This U.S. scout is showing the chief’s flag to these unsuspecting braves, who are both curious and apprehensive about the colorful piece of cloth.”