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Winter Wonderland

Something magical, almost mystical occurs with a snowfall. It brings with it great joy, which is readily apparent when you watch a young child seeing snow for the first time, or attempting to swallow the flakes as they fall. They also seem compelled to lay down in it, swinging their arms and legs to and fro as they create snow angels. Snow evokes a myriad of emotions. It can carry with it a sense of peace and wellbeing that for some involves sitting inside by a fire and watching the snow gently falling outside. On the other hand, it can
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Rett Ashby Evening Graze Oil 40″ By 60″ Heather Coen Horse Creek Pastel 12″ By 16″ Colleen Howe Bleinberger Mountains Layers Oil 30″ By 40″ Paula Holtzclaw (North Carolina) The Pointe At Dusk Oil 12″ By 24″ Kami Mendlik Sure Sign Of Fall Oil 16″ By 20″ Frank Serrano String Lake Atmosphere Oil 10″ By 12″
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