Still Riding High

Martin Grelle has realized success beyond his wildest dreams. That success is well deserved, the result of his dedication to, and talent for, depicting the people and land of the West—both historical and contemporary—and of art lovers who willingly and enthusiastically pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to own one

A Revolutionary Career

China’s Cultural Revolution had a major impact on its people—on its wealthy people and on W. Jason Situ. Prior to Mao Tse Tung’s effort to strip the privileged class of its status, Situ was a normal kid. In 1966, when the Cultural Revolution began, however, his world was tossed asunder.

‘An Open Diary’

Serene, evocative, intimate, ethereal—those words convey the essence of the softly impressionistic portraiture of Chicago-based artist Mary Qian. Although Qian’s command of color and technique is exceptional, her style also suggests a sense of innocence and promise, perhaps because the artist herself is still on a personal journey of self-discovery.

A Long and Winding Road

If variety is the spice of life, then New Mexico-based painter Jeff Segler can certainly lay claim to having one of the most flavorful careers in the world of fine art. Although he earned a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from the University of Alabama in 1977, Segler travelled a


Rett Ashby Evening Graze Oil 40″ By 60″ Heather Coen Horse Creek Pastel 12″ By 16″ Colleen Howe Bleinberger Mountains Layers Oil 30″ By 40″ Paula Holtzclaw (North Carolina) The Pointe At Dusk Oil 12″ By 24″ Kami Mendlik Sure Sign Of Fall Oil 16″ By 20″ Frank Serrano String

The Studio of Scott Tallman Powers

At first glance, the tiny hamlet of Tetonia, Idaho, is mundane. In fact, if you’re moving too fast and happen to blink, a glance is not possible. With a population of 269, the little town barely would give you pause, unless you happen to be Alabama-born artist Scott Tallman Powers.