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‘It’s a Calling’

“Besides painting, I don’t really have any other hobbies. I don’t do anything besides painting,” says Chicago oil painter Mary Qian, when asked what sorts of things she likes to do in her spare time. She seems honestly a little bewildered by the question. Why would she not be painting? Why would she have spare time? What is spare time? Qian leads a clean, streamlined, art-centric existence, spending many of her waking hours at Chicago’s Palette & Chisel Academy of Fine Arts, an art space where she makes extensive use of the studios and the models the organization makes available
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‘An Open Diary’

Serene, evocative, intimate, ethereal—those words convey the essence of the softly impressionistic portraiture of Chicago-based artist Mary Qian. Although Qian’s command of color and technique is exceptional, her style also suggests a sense of innocence and promise, perhaps because the artist herself is still on a personal journey of self-discovery. Mary Qian (Illinois) Rob Rhythm Of Black Oil 16″ By 12″ Starting a series of models in black. Mary Qian (Illinois) White Oil 18″ By 17″ This is the first piece I did with a model in a white dress on a white surrounding. I used to prefer a more
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Celebrating “God’s Greatest Masterpiece”

Artists – no matter the medium, no matter the subject matter – have one thing in common: They are driven to share their visions of the world with others. The six artists featured here are particularly drawn to the human figure or, as Romel de la Torre describes it, “God’s greatest masterpiece.” Clayton Beck III (Illinois) Minitka Oil 20″ By 16″ It is always a gift, when one of my models comes in looking like this. It seems that, before I begin to paint, my work is almost done. Michelle Dunaway (California) Katie And Jenni-The Daughters Of Jane Seymour Oil
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