Celebrating “God’s Greatest Masterpiece”

Categories: 2012 January-February Issue, Beck III, Clayton, De La Torre, Romel, Dunaway, Michelle, Kohn, Andre, Oil, Portrait, Qian, Mary, and Stuckey, Kyle.

Artists – no matter the medium, no matter the subject matter – have one thing in common: They are driven to share their visions of the world with others. The six artists featured here are particularly drawn to the human figure or, as Romel de la Torre describes it, “God’s greatest masterpiece.”

Clayton Beck III (Illinois)

20″ By 16″
It is always a gift, when one of my models comes in looking like this. It seems that, before I begin to paint, my work is almost done.

Michelle Dunaway (California)

Katie And Jenni-The Daughters Of Jane Seymour
30″ By 20″
This was the result of a painting day spent at Jane’s house. We had painted together many times and this day posed her daughters in authentic vintage clothing. Painting them in historical dress lent such a palpable narrative to my imagination. I really wanted to capture their distinct personalities through their body language, as well as the atmospheric effect of the light enveloping them. My desire was to give the viewer a hint of a story to step into.

Andre Kohn (California)

The Kiss
20″ By 9″
While in the most romantic city in the world, Paris, it’s merely impossible for a figurative artist not to get inspired by couples in love. It’s one of my favorite topics where, as in dancing, I am looking to catch that special connection.

Mary Qian (Illinois)

14″ By 11″
Blue is a model I barely met. She is strikingly beautiful, and the painting experience was inspiring.

Kyle Stuckey

14″ By 11″
I painted this about a year and a half ago. The model is my girlfriend, who was nice enough to sit for me. I put her under a cool light, which allowed for all those fun blues, greens, and purples that come up in the painting. And that dark background gives it a strong composition.

Romel De La Torre (Illinois)

16″ By 12″
The feeling of early summer in the garden and the play of warm and cool, with the very warm sunlight behind her and the cool colors in the shadow areas—how can you not be happy doing a painting like this?”