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‘Everyday Life Inspires Me’

Andre Kohn’s art teachers at Auburn University figured out quite quickly that he was not a typical student. His drawing and painting skills were already so well developed that they told him to come to class only on the first and last days of the semester. “They said that there was nothing they could teach me,” Kohn says. His English teachers, however, saw much more of Kohn. “I stayed in English 090 for five quarters before I passed,” he admits. “That was much harder for me.” Kohn enrolled at Auburn at the age of 20, shortly after arriving in the
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Celebrating “God’s Greatest Masterpiece”

Artists – no matter the medium, no matter the subject matter – have one thing in common: They are driven to share their visions of the world with others. The six artists featured here are particularly drawn to the human figure or, as Romel de la Torre describes it, “God’s greatest masterpiece.” Clayton Beck III (Illinois) Minitka Oil 20″ By 16″ It is always a gift, when one of my models comes in looking like this. It seems that, before I begin to paint, my work is almost done. Michelle Dunaway (California) Katie And Jenni-The Daughters Of Jane Seymour Oil
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