‘Everyday Life Inspires Me’

Andre Kohn’s art teachers at Auburn University figured out quite quickly that he was not a typical student. His drawing and painting skills were already so well developed that they told him to come to class only on the first and last days of the semester. “They said that there

Timeless Places

In his much-loved memoir “A River Runs Through It,” writer Norman Maclean famously noted, “In our family, there was no clear line between religion and fly-fishing.” For Brent Cotton, who counts Maclean among his favorite authors, there is no clear line between art and nature, particularly rivers. And for him,

Honoring the People of the Past

Historically speaking, Montana artist Charles Fritz is always historically speaking—well, at least through his paintings. History for him is an enduring passion, and doesn’t show signs of letting up any time soon. “My interest in the history of the West just keeps growing,” he says. “The fur trade era, the

I’m Not Fit For Anything Else

The young woman approached Romona Youngquist, during an art show in Scottsdale, Arizona, and asked for her autograph. A little surprised, but pleasantly so, Youngquist obliged. “How the hell did you hear about me?” she blurted out. Youngquist was one of those three artists, and the young woman had chosen

Simple Serenity

Pristine and peaceful, the paintings of Canadian artist Jeremy Browne are a celebration of freedom, nature’s beauty, and man’s relationship to the natural environment. Like Monet’s haystack imagery, which explores the perception of light across various times of the day, seasons and weather conditions, Browne’s paintings create similar visual essays

Mother Nature’s Magic

Christine Drewyer (Annapolis, Maryland) Aged to Perfection Oil 30″x30″ “I’m very attracted to a sense of drama. That can be an extraordinary sky, or a fog-filled meadow, or some ancient tree that is just calling me to paint it. I’ve been known to stop and just stand before a tree

The Studio of Sonya Terpening

For want of a door to close, Sonya Terpening’s studio was born. Really. How would you feel if you left work at night and your work stood outside your kitchen begging you to return, demanding your undivided attention? That is pretty much the experience Terpening had until a little more