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The Art of Perseverance

Sometimes, when the moon is full, Dan Young steals out of the house to paint. “I have a tendency to get obsessed with things,” he confesses, “and a few years ago I decided to learn how to do night paintings. I tried a few, and I failed miserably. Being someone who loves painting from life, I thought, ‘I’ll just go out at night and paint.’ I got the little headlamp—one for my head and one to shine down on my palette, so I could mix the paint. I’d go out and observe the scene, and I’d try to paint. I’d
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Mother Nature’s Magic

Christine Drewyer (Annapolis, Maryland) Aged to Perfection Oil 30″x30″ “I’m very attracted to a sense of drama. That can be an extraordinary sky, or a fog-filled meadow, or some ancient tree that is just calling me to paint it. I’ve been known to stop and just stand before a tree as if it were the Taj Mahal, and I get this sense of profound wonder and even reverence. There needs to be a connection before I paint something, and I especially love painting at dusk and dawn, when there is an ethereal quality to the light, a veiled sense of
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Going to the Source

One of Dan Young’s most serious collectors refers to the Colorado artist as his “crack dealer.” For years, every time the Seattle businessman saw a new painting by Young, he’d buy it, admitting he had a huge addiction to the painter’s moody style. Dan Young (Silt, Colorado) Signs Of The Season Oil 10″ By 12″ North of my studio is a mesa that is dotted with small family farms and ranches. It is a maze of roads and fields that makes for an ever-changing wealth of subjects. I’ve spent years driving the roads, searching for inspiration. You would be hard
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