Keeping The Adventure Alive

Dan Beck was justifiably pleased when one of his paintings earned a Gold Medal Award at the Oil Painters of America Show in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, in June. It was the latest in a long list of honors for the talented artist. While he admits that he enjoys the recognition,

Simple Patterns, Artistic Elegance

In his art, as in his life, Utah artist G. Russell Case is interested in honesty, simplicity, and purity. The landscapes he paints so meticulously are rendered with the intimacy of someone in tune with nature. The land calls to him like a lover. The intricacies and nuances of the

The Excitement Continues

David Halbach readily admits that what drove his initial interest in art when he was a young boy was a bit of sibling rivalry. His older brother, he says, loved to draw trains and, upon showing them to his parents, would receive glowing reviews and a pat on the head.

Painting the Unexpected

Kim Casebeer has never gotten over her love of the outdoors- and for that, art lovers are grateful. If she had, they would have been denied the opportunity to lose themselves in the beauty of the landscapes she so expertly and artistically creates. Kim Casebeer (Kansas) Reflections Oil 24″ By

Historical Inspiration

Born and raised in Carthage, Missouri, population 14,000, 53 years later Andy Thomas still calls the small town home. He is living proof that you can find success and personal fulfillment without straying far from your own backyard. Andy Thomas (Missouri) Johnny Saved The Girl Oil 40″ X 30″ Cowboy

Going to the Source

One of Dan Young’s most serious collectors refers to the Colorado artist as his “crack dealer.” For years, every time the Seattle businessman saw a new painting by Young, he’d buy it, admitting he had a huge addiction to the painter’s moody style. Dan Young (Silt, Colorado) Signs Of The