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Winter Wonderland

Something magical, almost mystical occurs with a snowfall. It brings with it great joy, which is readily apparent when you watch a young child seeing snow for the first time, or attempting to swallow the flakes as they fall. They also seem compelled to lay down in it, swinging their arms and legs to and fro as they create snow angels. Snow evokes a myriad of emotions. It can carry with it a sense of peace and wellbeing that for some involves sitting inside by a fire and watching the snow gently falling outside. On the other hand, it can
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Timeless Places

In his much-loved memoir “A River Runs Through It,” writer Norman Maclean famously noted, “In our family, there was no clear line between religion and fly-fishing.” For Brent Cotton, who counts Maclean among his favorite authors, there is no clear line between art and nature, particularly rivers. And for him, both represent a sort of near-religious calling. “Just as Maclean writes at the end of ‘A River Runs Through It’ that he is ‘haunted by waters,’ so am I,” says Cotton, who strives to evoke similar feelings through his art. “There is something magical and enchanting about flowing water and
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Moody, Magical Memories

“Your paintings make me remember things I’ve never seen.” Brent Cotton (Montana) Sweet Light On The River Oil 10″x12″ This is a little side channel on the Bitterroot River in Montana. I really enjoy giving the impression of motion in the water and the effect of light dancing on the surface. Brent Cotton (Montana) Along The Tiber Oil 10″x15″ My wife and I spent time in Italy in 2006. This is one of the studio pieces I did upon our return. What an inspirational experience.
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