The Love Affair Continues

“My life as an artist began as a felon.” While that statement is an exaggeration, it provides an insight into the wonderful wit with which Curt Walters approaches life. The felonious incident he is referring to was the theft of his sister’s paint set, which he coveted as a young

Memory Keeper

Tong Luo is living out his dream of studying technique and art history in New York City. But following his passion has come with a price. His family is far away, living in China. Although he is sometimes lonely, Luo tries to stay focused, knowing that he is doing what

Chasing the Light

Whether he’s painting the desert near Palm Springs, vineyards in Tuscany, or a street scene in China, California artist John Budicin captures the beauty, of each, illuminating them with a light that has caused the hearts of more than a few viewers to beat a little more rapidly. Those paintings

It’s Got to Come From the Soul

It wasn’t a typical phone call for a guy who paints cowboy art. The caller was a representative for George Lucas-yes, that George Lucas, the producer of “Star Wars” fame—who was soliciting art samples for an upcoming book in which Lucas wanted his legendary characters depicted imaginatively in different genres.

In Pursuit of Perfection

When Barry Eisenach was in high school, one of his classmates commended him for already having a clear career path in mind. “You are the only person I know who knows what he wants to do with his life,” he said. Barry Eisenach (Colorado) Blackfoot Sisters Oil 14″x14″ My favorite

Moody, Magical Memories

“Your paintings make me remember things I’ve never seen.” Brent Cotton (Montana) Sweet Light On The River Oil 10″x12″ This is a little side channel on the Bitterroot River in Montana. I really enjoy giving the impression of motion in the water and the effect of light dancing on the