I Just Want to Paint

Richard Thomas points to a plaque on the wall in his Montana studio that, he says, has “been with me forever.” The words on that plaque not only describe artists in general, they are a commentary on Thomas’ career. Richard Thomas (Montana) First Light Oil 30″ By 40″ This is

Still Pouring It On

In 1972, Walt Gonske made a decision that, he says, was “probably the smartest thing I ever did.” That decision-to leave illustration and New York City behind and move to Taos, New Mexico, and try his hand at fine art-changed the course of his life. It also provided art lovers

The Journey Continues

For more than two decades, California-based artist Calvin Liang has been inspired by the majestic beauty found along the Pacific coastline, so it is not surprising that billowy sail boats, rosetinged sunsets, misty coves, and secluded beaches continue as favorite subjects for his impressionistic, yet slightly stylized, oil paintings. Calvin

Answering the Call of the Wild

It’s been 50 years since Gerald Balciar left his hometown of Medford, Wisconsin, and drove west to Denver, Colorado. One of the biggest and best taxidermy shops in the country had offered him a job at $1.25 an hour—and that was enough to entice the 19-year-old Balciar to leave home.

Celebrating “God’s Greatest Masterpiece”

Artists – no matter the medium, no matter the subject matter – have one thing in common: They are driven to share their visions of the world with others. The six artists featured here are particularly drawn to the human figure or, as Romel de la Torre describes it, “God’s