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Reaching New Heights

Martin Grelle was a very nervous young man when, in 1974, just a year after he graduated from high school, he had his first art show at a gallery and frame shop in Clifton, Texas. “I had no idea what to expect,” he says. “It’s hard to remember, but I probably had, at most, eight or 10 pieces for the show, and we sold almost all of them the first evening. I had a combination of oils, charcoals, and pastels in the show, and the largest piece was probably an oil painting about 24” by 36”. It probably sold for
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Cowboy Artists of America Celebrates 50th Anniversary

With the celebration of the Cowboy Artists of America’s 50th anniversary, one has to wonder if the founding artists—Joe Beeler, Charlie Dye, John Hampton, and George Phippen—could have envisioned what the organization would become and that it would still be going strong five decades later. Those four men, along with dozens of others who were invited to join the prestigious organization over the years, were committed to creating authentic representations of life—and work—in the American West and to doing so with the highest of artistic standards. Four members of the CAA—John Coleman, Martin Grelle, Bill Nebeker, and Jim Norton—recently took
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Still Riding High

Martin Grelle has realized success beyond his wildest dreams. That success is well deserved, the result of his dedication to, and talent for, depicting the people and land of the West—both historical and contemporary—and of art lovers who willingly and enthusiastically pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to own one of Grelle’s beautifully rendered paintings. Martin Grelle Newlyweds Oil 40″ By 32″ During the Rocky Mountain Fur Trade era, it was a common practice for trappers to take Indian girls as wives. It was a mutually beneficial arrangement, not only for the obvious reasons, but because the girls could look
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