The Studio of Paul Moore

Oklahoma-based sculptor Paul Moore describes his working studio as a rather unassuming building situated in an older section of his hometown of Norman. Despite being a bit run down when he purchased it nearly two decades ago, he knew it was perfect in size and location. “It is actually two,

Frederic Remington Treasures

Few would argue that Frederic Remington is the most well known name in Western art. And yet, not many people realize the full breadth of his career and how much he accomplished during his life, before he died at age 48. That is something the Booth Western Art Museum in

Heading in the Right Direction

On a recent trip to Glacier National Park, Dustin Van Wechel came upon a rugged old tree that stopped him in his tracks. Something about its trunk, which had folded over itself and the mist hanging in its branches, reminded him of a scene from a horror movie—which gave him

Poetic Landscapes

For Colorado artist David Grossmann, painting is a heartfelt means of communication. It’s his way of incorporating beauty, creation, imagination, and memory into his art. At first glance, his muted landscapes seem simple, soft. Look closer, and you see they are teeming with texture, nuance, and subtle commentary. Grossmann hopes

Big Brushes, Lots of Paint

Kim Casebeer has happily spent her entire life in Kansas—and why not? It’s where she was raised, earned her college degree, met and married Shannon, started her family, and began what quickly became a successful career as a landscape painter. That success is apparent in the many awards she has

Big Skies, Big Ideas

If the legendarily big Montana skies look just a little bit bigger in Josh Elliott’s paintings than in real life, that’s by design. “Recently, I’ve been giving myself a little more freedom to interpret, rather than being a strict slave to reality,” says Elliott, whose vivid landscapes depict national parks

Reaching New Heights

Martin Grelle was a very nervous young man when, in 1974, just a year after he graduated from high school, he had his first art show at a gallery and frame shop in Clifton, Texas. “I had no idea what to expect,” he says. “It’s hard to remember, but I