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Heading in the Right Direction

On a recent trip to Glacier National Park, Dustin Van Wechel came upon a rugged old tree that stopped him in his tracks. Something about its trunk, which had folded over itself and the mist hanging in its branches, reminded him of a scene from a horror movie—which gave him an idea for a painting. “I looked at it and I thought that it would make a great setting for a group of ravens feeding on an animal carcass,” Van Wechel says. “But I wasn’t interested in actually painting the carcass, I just wanted to paint it so that anyone
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On His Way

Discovering evocative imagery created by emerging artists is one of the most exciting and rewarding perks of spending time at galleries and special exhibitions. For this reason, art enthusiasts will want to look for works by Dustin Van Wechel, a wildlife painter whose name ranks high on the list of young artists who are beginning to capture the attention of collector’s throughout the country. Dustin Van Wechel Alternate Route Oil 40″ By 30″ The concept for this painting is about the contrast of textures—the rugged surfaces of the rock contrasted by the softness of the mountain goats and the water.
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