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‘A Beautiful Medium’

“A pencil drawing is classy. It’s classic; it’s timeless. It’s almost like a little black dress or a nice black suit; everyone should have one.” They should indeed. And if that pencil art happens to have Brenda Murphy’s name attached to it, it’s even more classic. Her pieces are magnificently drawn. The detail and texture are exquisite. There is no need for color. In fact, Murphy says, “It’s a compliment, when someone looks at one of my graphite drawings and says, ‘It doesn’t need color, because I can visualize it.’ They see beyond the black and white. It gives them
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Pencil Passion

Long doesn’t want her drawings to look like photographs, but when people tell her they look better than photographs, she considers it a compliment. “Then I feel I’ve gone beyond the reference material,” she says. “I feel I was able to go into the subject and elicit the mood I was trying to capture.” Karmel Timmons Partners Pencil 23″ By 16″ Brenda Murphy One Of The Big Boys Pencil 13″ By 19″ Mary Buchholz First Chill Pencil 24″ By 18″
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