Telling Stories in His Own Way

Mian Situ remembers his grandfather and the hard times in China very well. And it is, perhaps, the memories of his grandfather and the sacrifices he made that in some way color Situ’s paintings. Mian Situ (California) Chinatown Merchants Oil 32″ By 38″ F. S., 1905 Mian Situ (California) Move

It’s Still Hard Work

One of Jason Rich’s earliest memories is of sitting in church, watching his father sketch horses “to keep me quiet,” he says. Not only did those sketches keep the young boy quiet, they set the stage for what would become a driving force in his life. Today, Rich is a

Pencil Passion

Long doesn’t want her drawings to look like photographs, but when people tell her they look better than photographs, she considers it a compliment. “Then I feel I’ve gone beyond the reference material,” she says. “I feel I was able to go into the subject and elicit the mood I

The Human Element

A superb technician and master craftsman, Chicago-based painter, Scott Tallman Powers, has been described as a “painter’s painter.” Scott Tallman Powers (Wyoming) The Necklace Seller Oil 12″ By 9″ Scott Tallman Powers (Wyoming) What She Has-San Miguel De Allende Oil 18″ By 24″

Keeping It Simple

Malm’s ability at capturing the essence of his subject quickly brought the young artist commissions to paint portraits of people’s children, their pets, and relatives. It didn’t take the Utah native long to realize that he could make more money-and derive more enjoyment-from painting portraits than working construction. Being an