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The Studio of Mary Ross Buchholz

From the windows of her studio, Mary Ross Buchholz can see a row of apricot trees and a stand of towering oaks. She can see the set of beehives that she tends and the barbecue pits where family meals are often prepared. And just past a slight hill, she can see the fence that separates her house from the pasture where the family’s livestock grazes. That’s been her view since 2002, when she and her husband Bob added the 13-foot-by-20-foot studio onto their home near Eldorado, Texas. Before then, they had three young boys running around the house and little
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Creating an Interesting Dance

Some nights, Mary Ross Buchholz dreams that she is making art. “Sometimes I wake up and—oh, mercy—I didn’t finish that after all; it was just a dream,” she says in her melodic west Texas drawl. “I eat, sleep, and breathe art.” It’s an apt commentary on Buchholz’s life, a busy but joyous synthesis of ranching, family life, and, of course, art. She and her husband Bob run a good-sized ranch near Eldorado, Texas—population 1,961—and for many years she has balanced her creative endeavors seamlessly with the family business. “Maybe a little bit of our daily ranch life shines through in
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Pencil Passion

Long doesn’t want her drawings to look like photographs, but when people tell her they look better than photographs, she considers it a compliment. “Then I feel I’ve gone beyond the reference material,” she says. “I feel I was able to go into the subject and elicit the mood I was trying to capture.” Karmel Timmons Partners Pencil 23″ By 16″ Brenda Murphy One Of The Big Boys Pencil 13″ By 19″ Mary Buchholz First Chill Pencil 24″ By 18″
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