The Studio of Mary Ross Buchholz

Categories: 2023 September-October Issue, Buchholz, Mary, Charcoal, and Wildlife.

From the windows of her studio, Mary Ross Buchholz can see a row of apricot trees and a stand of towering oaks. She can see the set of beehives that she tends and the barbecue pits where family meals are often prepared. And just past a slight hill, she can see the fence that separates her house from the pasture where the family’s livestock grazes.

That’s been her view since 2002, when she and her husband Bob added the 13-foot-by-20-foot studio onto their home near Eldorado, Texas. Before then, they had three young boys running around the house and little space or time for Buchholz to work on her art. Her “studio,” when the boys were young, was a card table set up in her bedroom. She worked there while the boys were in school, then put away her pencils and shifted gears to help them with their homework, get them to 4H, or shuttle them to sporting events.

Now those boys are all grown up. Buchholz no longer has to plan her schedule around them or keep the door shut to protect her projects.

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Charcoal graphite gon gessoed piece of a horses face close up by Mary Ross Buchholz

Headed Your Way

Charcoal graphite on gessoed Amper panel
12″ by 12″

Charcoal drawing of three horses drinking from a water trough

Cool Clear Water

Charcoal graphite on gessoed Amper panel
17″ by 25″