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The Studio of Michael Ome Untiedt

When he was a college student in the 1970s, Colorado artist Michael Ome Untiedt attended a lecture by Jacob Bronowski and remembers to this day most of what the Polish-British mathematician and philosopher said. “I heard Dr. Bronowski say that it is not tools nor intellect nor language that separate us from all other species on the planet. The thing that separates us from all other species is the ability to pass on aspects of our culture through acts of beauty, which he defined as art,” Untiedt recalls. “That has led me my entire life. That’s why I’m committed to
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A Universal Chord

Mike Untiedt lives right in the center of downtown Denver, Colorado. He can ride his bike to see the Colorado Rockies play baseball, drop in at any number of good eateries, or shop the downtown stores. Yet the oil painter’s heart and mind are often in another time and another place. “I like painting cowboys,” says the 63-year-old Denver native of his focus on painting the outback lifestyle. “Cowboys strike a universal chord, but I try not to make it too ‘cowboy,’ so people of all backgrounds can identify.” For Untiedt, a natural born storyteller, the direction works. Michael Ome
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