A Family Affair in Great Falls

Fifteen shows, hundreds of artists, and dozens of events —that’s what makes Western Art Week in Great Falls, Montana so appealing. This year, there’s another key stat for the Winborg family: three generations of artists from the same family, who share the same studio space, all participating in Western Art

The Studio of Michael Ome Untiedt

When he was a college student in the 1970s, Colorado artist Michael Ome Untiedt attended a lecture by Jacob Bronowski and remembers to this day most of what the Polish-British mathematician and philosopher said. “I heard Dr. Bronowski say that it is not tools nor intellect nor language that separate

Letting His Voice Find Him

When we caught up with Andrew Higdon, the 27-year-old artist had just returned from his honeymoon with his wife Savannah. “When we first got engaged, I laid out my plan for the next 10 years [as an artist] in front of her, and said, ‘This is what this life looks

Full Steam Ahead

During the past six months, J.R. Hess has been living his dream life. He moved to Colorado with his wife Molly and their two teenage sons, Cass and River, he’s got studio space in his new home in Loveland, and his photorealistic wildlife drawings hang in galleries in Montana, New

A Celebration of Color

Erin Hanson has an energy that mirrors the paintings she creates. She shares the story of her life—and her work—and injects both with vibrant colors and textures that have captured the attention of collectors throughout the world. That’s no exaggeration; during the past 15 years she has sold 3,000 original

Talent and Tradition

Ed Natiya’s Indigenous and Native American sculptures and monuments have earned him a reputation as one of the best sculptors of his kind. In 2016, for instance, he won the top prize in sculpture at the Southwestern Association for Indian Art (SWAIA) Indian Market—the largest Native American art show in

Endless Inspiration

Jessica L. Bryant is a multi-dimensional woman. She’s an artist, a conservationist, a wife, a mother—and a bagpiper. Yes, you read that correctly. Bryant has been playing bagpipes since she was a teenager growing up in Minnesota and today is the pipe major of a pipe band in Coeur d’Alene,

It’s Never Too Late

Arkansas oil painter Brenda Morgan’s artistic life currently is a tale of two buffalo—or maybe three. “It’s a long, sad story,” she says with a sigh. “The painting I’m working on is actually a replacement for the Woolaroc/Women Artists of the West Invitational Exhibition in May. I had two buffalo