Letting His Voice Find Him

Categories: 2024 March-April Issue, Figurative, Genre, Higdon, Andrew, Oil, and Portrait.

When we caught up with Andrew Higdon, the 27-year-old artist had just returned from his honeymoon with his wife Savannah. “When we first got engaged, I laid out my plan for the next 10 years [as an artist] in front of her, and said, ‘This is what this life looks like to me; are you down for this?’” he says. “She said, ‘Absolutely.’ I couldn’t ask for anyone better to walk this journey with.”

Higdon credits many kind advisors for helping him put together a roadmap for his life at such a young age but he admits that his future wasn’t always clear. As an only child growing up in a small town outside Atlanta, Georgia, he enjoyed drawing but envisioned a variety of possible careers. “Like every other kid, one day I’d think I wanted to be a firefighter, and another day I’d think I wanted to be a chef,” he says.

Higdon’s love of the West took root during annual summer trips to a Christian convention in Fort Worth, Texas. “My mother and I would always take a day out of the week to go to the Stockyards, and that was always my favorite part,” he says. “I remember it vividly—the grit of the old streets, the historical buildings, the cowboys herding the longhorns. The West is very different from anything here on the East Coast.

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This Side of Midnight

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