A Celebration of Color

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Erin Hanson has an energy that mirrors the paintings she creates. She shares the story of her life—and her work—and injects both with vibrant colors and textures that have captured the attention of collectors throughout the world. That’s no exaggeration; during the past 15 years she has sold 3,000 original paintings and countless prints.

Collectors purchase her paintings as quickly as she completes them. One collector says that, every time he looks at the painting he purchased from Hanson, “it gets more and more beautiful” and that it will be his “get-out-of-husband-jail-for-free-card” for years to come because his wife loves it so much. Many of Hanson’s collectors also send her photos of where they’ve installed her paintings in their homes.

Along with collectors’ kudos, Hanson has earned more than her share of awards, including the 2020 Normandy Chair For Peace Award and the 2019 award for Best in Show and the 2018 First Place Award in the two-dimension category at Cowgirl Up! The roads Hanson took toward getting to where she is today took many twists and turns, but everything she has done since she was a young child has come together and resulted in a successful career as a fine artist—and as an inventor and entrepreneur.

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Zion Vista

50″ by 72″

Utah Sagebrush

26″ by 36″