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The Joy of Storytelling

Nothing gets Morgan Weistling’s adrenalin going like telling a story. And, oh, the stories he tells. Focusing on pioneer life in the late 1800s, Weistling’s epic scenes depict the men, women, and children in everyday situations, as they settled the West. Much like a movie director, he carefully stages his characters in scenes that transport time. Through his skillful use of color and light, he leads viewers from one face to another, from one object to another, encouraging them to stop along the way and savor the story. “I’ve always loved storytellers; I liked art that told stories,” Weistling says,
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The Race is Still Going

There is nothing Morgan Weistling enjoys more—or works as hard at—as telling a story. It is exciting and challenging, as he spends countless hours—and makes thousands of decisions—to create each painting in a manner that captures the attention of viewers, draws them in, and—he hopes—puts a smile on their faces. Snake Oil Salesman is a prime example of how Weistling works. “I look at that painting, and I see 100,000 decisions I had to make,” he says of the piece, which depicts a gathering of men, women, and children around a man enthusiastically extolling the benefits of the snake oil
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For the Love of Art

While many great gallery owners and artists make our business special, we chose to visit with a few of them and ask them to share thoughts about what they do. John Coleman (Arizona) 1804, The Newcomers Bronze 37″ High Morgan Weistling End Of Harvest Oil 34″ By 50″ Morgan Weistling Emmie’s Rose March/April 1999 Howard Terpning (Arizona) Among The Spirits Of The Long-Ago People Oil 42″ By 40″ Frank Johnson Night Time In The Canyon Oil 24″ By 18″ Bill Anton (Arizona) Branding At Red Bluff Oil 16″ By 20″
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