The Race is Still Going

There is nothing Morgan Weistling enjoys more—or works as hard at—as telling a story. It is exciting and challenging, as he spends countless hours—and makes thousands of decisions—to create each painting in a manner that captures the attention of viewers, draws them in, and—he hopes—puts a smile on their faces.

There Are Places that Speak to Me

“There was validation and hope.” That’s how Jill Carver describes the impact of her first solo exhibition 14 years ago at the New Zealand Embassy in London. The paintings she showed at that event were ones she had done in New Zealand, while on a sabbatical from her job as

The Evolution Continues

A few years ago, Jason Rich was invited to visit some of the people who had started collecting his work early in his career. He hadn’t seen the paintings in almost 20 years. and he admits that he was surprised when he looked at them again. “Day after day, as

Expression and Intuition

As an award-winning member of Oil Painters of America, Oklahoma native Derek Penix strongly believes an artist’s ability to paint intuitively is what makes the difference between creating a work that is technically and aesthetically pleasing versus one that has the potential to become a masterpiece. “Watching a recent U-tube

Ah, Sweet Color!

A burst of color in a painting, particularly when placed against a moody background, is a delightful surprise. It is poetry; it is magic. Color can be as soothing as an ocean sunset, or it can knock your socks off. While most of us appreciate a good black-and-white piece, we

The Studio of Dan Mieduch

Dan Mieduch says his man cave (aka the studio) “just has kitchen cabinets, a tile floor, and ceiling fan, and that’s it.” He’s being overly modest, as he explains that the studio came into existence to allow him to work away from the house, where his children could too easily