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Sudden Inspiration

Tim Whitworth gets lost in creating. Ideas for a sculpture can overtake him at any minute, setting his mind in motion on every facet of its design. “I can be driving down the highway, and if I see something I’ll ask myself, ’Now, how do I put that into 3D?’” he says. “I’ll go through it in my mind.” That sudden inspiration also has its drawbacks. “Sometimes I get an idea about a piece,” Whitworth says. “I’ll get it designed, go through the process—design what it will look like, create the patina – then maybe won’t do it. I’ll do
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The Studio of Bruce Greene

Bruce Greene doesn’t just create Western art; he lives it. Since 1998, about four times a year, he spends a stretch of several days at one of two historic Texas ranches—JA Ranch, the oldest privately owned ranch in the Texas Panhandle, and the legendary Four Sixes Ranch. What does he do there? He engages in contemporary cowboy activities: riding, roping, and wrangling. Those forays into the cowboy psyche have a profound impact on Greene’s art. There’s nothing quite like an authentic contemporary cowboy experience to awaken and excite his creative muse. Greene describes his time at the ranches as magical.
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