Sudden Inspiration

Categories: 2022 May-June Issue, Bronze, Sculpture, Stone, Whitworth, Tim, and Wildlife.

Tim Whitworth gets lost in creating. Ideas for a sculpture can overtake him at any minute, setting his mind in motion on every facet of its design.

“I can be driving down the highway, and if I see something I’ll ask myself, ’Now, how do I put that into 3D?’” he says. “I’ll go through it in my mind.”

That sudden inspiration also has its drawbacks. “Sometimes I get an idea about a piece,” Whitworth says. “I’ll get it designed, go through the process—design what it will look like, create the patina – then maybe won’t do it. I’ll do a little one day and then the next month, then I lose interest. I want to stick with it. There are at least six pieces I’ve started that I never finished. Sometimes the idea of creating is exciting.”

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Sweet Spot

Bronze and stone
10” by 15” by 10” (Size many vary depending on the stone)

“When it is mealtime, there is a favorite spot that’s always there when you need it. Each wax is mated with a special stone before it is cast into bronze.”

On the Edge

20” by 13” by 2 ½”, 3D relief

“I enjoy creating Bas Reliefs. Floating one in front of the other creates a whole new dimension. The shadows that are formed from the different light sources give the piece a lot of depth and interest.”