Back In the Saddle

When he was 12 years old, John DeMott was invited to visit the home of Western film and music star Roy Rogers. It was a pivotal occasion, and today DeMott regards it as a strong influence in his life and his art. Growing up near Chatsworth, California, with its movie

Making Music

Nancy Guzik loves nothing more than the challenge of capturing—and conveying—the beauty she finds in a face or a flower, a teacup, or a tree. That she more than meets that challenge is apparent in the many awards her paintings have earned and the many prestigious collections throughout the world

Sculpture Has to Be Intellectually Beautiful

In 1975, when Maryland sculptor Walter Matia graduated from Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, he’d already been an active member of the art world for nearly 12 years. With diploma in hand, he set out for Arlington, Virginia. Despite having earned a degree in art design and being an intaglio

Magical Sights

With winter on the horizon, not many people look forward to the months of snow-covered ground that lie ahead. That’s not true of landscapist Karen Vance, however. She revels in the fact that the mountains surrounding her home in Winter Park, Colorado, often are engulfed in the white stuff for

Nature’s Magic

Waves dancing gracefully toward shore. Aspens rising from the snow. The glow of sunlight on canyon walls. Moonlight casting a mystical glow on the land below. There is no beauty like that we find in nature—with the possible exception of an artist’s rendering of those scenes. Debra Joy Groesser (Nebraska)