Let There Be Light – And Shadow

The last time we featured Kyle Polzin in the pages of this magazine, it was in an article we titled “Young Guns.” That was five years ago, when he was 34. He’s still going strong, and his paintings continue to sell at an almost unheard of pace. Polzin has never

Poetic Glimpses

When K. Gavin Brooks, who recently relocated to California, sits down to paint, she reorganizes scenery to omit elements that don’t serve the emotion she wants to capture and convey. True art, she’ll tell you, is in the editing. And in her estimation, less is more. K. Gavin Brooks (Maryland)

Inner Dyamics

Star York’s sculptures have earned her an enviable reputation as a talented artist, whose works are a delightful combination of composition and color. Whether she is depicting people or animals, she is driven to create renditions that are anatomically accurate and aesthetically appealing. Her success in accomplishing both is evident

‘The Pioneer Spirit is Alive and Well’

Sheep wandering through Aspen groves in their high mountain pasture, knee high snow drifts blanketing hillsides and valleys, a cowhand working a herd of cattle, youngsters doing their daily chores. These scenes are familiar to artist Grant Redden, whose paintings celebrate the pioneer traditions and unspoiled beauty found in the

Passion and Paint

He’s young, he’s enthusiastic—and he’s talented. At just 29, Adam Smith is making quite a name for himself with his wildlife paintings, and he’s more than a little thrilled at having the opportunity to partake of everything involved in that process, from travel to research to the actual creation of

‘It’s Always an Adventure’

Charles Warren “C.W.” Mundy’s art career began during vacation Bible school. At 7, he already had a reputation as a bit of a troublemaker. He had been kicked out of kindergarten for making too much noise, getting in fights, and objecting loudly to the idea of a mid-day nap. But

The Studio of Jay Moore

Parker, Colorado, with its roots firmly entrenched in the 1800s, is a quiet hamlet roughly 19 miles southeast of Denver. At one time the last stop on the stagecoach and train lines to Denver, this quiet community, with its Victorian charm, probably will never flaunt itself as an urban enclave.