Striking a Balance

When Jeremy Lipking was 19 years old, he moved from his family’s home in Southern California to the Sierra Nevada mountain range. He had spent a year taking art classes at a community college but wasn’t fully committed to it. What he really wanted was to be outside—hiking in the

‘It’s All a Challenge’

If the Muse were to visit Len Chmiel, one imagines that he might politely, but firmly, usher her to a chair in the corner of his studio and tell her, “You can watch quietly, but please don’t disturb me while I’m painting.” Chmiel is his own muse. He takes pleasure

‘Liberating the Spirit’

In the world of art and literature, Tony Angell is best known as an award-winning wildlife sculptor, painter, and author. However, to the corvids, owls, and sea mammals that have long inspired his creative spark, he has become an “angel” in the truest sense of the word. Infusing his stunning

Magnificently Mesmerizing

Romel de la Torre won his first art award at the tender age of 10. Although his parents had supported his interest in art—encouraging him to draw and sketch the world around him—it wasn’t until he appeared on a local TV program to receive his award that they began to

Landscape Love Affair

Oh, to live the life of a landscape painter, to be blessed with the ability to see—and put down with paint—the beauty that surrounds us, beauty that too many of us take for granted. Each outing is an adventure, a sensory immersion into the sights, sounds, smells, and feel the

The Studio of Tom Browning

The view from Tom Browning’s new studio is worth the price of admission. OK, he doesn’t really charge admission, but if he did, it’d be worth it. Browning’s studio sits atop the home he and his wife Joyce recently built near Bend, Oregon. The couple returned to Oregon in 2014,